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Martindale Cleaning's "Green" Helpful Hints

1) Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide is more gentle than chlorine bleach and can be used for sterilizing and disinfecting in your home.

2) Olive Oil
Olive oil is great for moisturizing and conditioning leather furniture and as a furniture polish.

3) Orange Oil
Orange oil is an effective cleaning agent which is less toxic than petroleum distillates and also smells great!

4) White Vinegar
White vinegar is a great disinfecting tool. It can also be used for deodorizing, cutting grease and wax build-up, removing mildew and removing stains on carpets, countertops, pots, pans and coffee carafes.

5) Salt
When you don't have time to wash dishes right away, sprinkle on some salt. This keeps the food from sticking and makes them easier to wash later.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you generally do when you come to clean my home?

Sweeping/vacuuming floors - vacuuming under couch/chair cushions - mop floors - clean light fixtures as needed - dusting of blinds, window sills & treatments, lights, lamp shades and general dusting - cleaning of silk plants as needed - clean ceiling fan blades - dusting of baseboards and crown molding - removal of cobwebs - TV screens cleaned - fireplace glass doors - bathrooms (shower, bathtub, lavatory, mirrors, sinks, counter top) - kitchens (inside/outside of microwave, top and outside of refrigerator, toaster/toaster ovens, coffee pot, dishwasher, counter tops including all items on counter top moved and cleaned, cabinets wiped down, stove table and chairs cleaned. Let us know what you need done!

Do you have your own cleaning supplies?

All cleaning supplies and rags are provided by Martindale Cleaning (unless you prefer a particular cleaning product).

Do you come to my house for a free estimate?

Yes...most people do have an estimate given and estimates take about 15 minutes. This works well due to the fact that we are able to go through your home room by room and get a better understanding of exactly what you like and what your expectations are. Estimates are for those who wish to have cleaning on a regularly scheduled on-going basis.

Do you offer an hourly rate cleaning? If so, what is the fee?

We do offer an hourly rate. The rate varies and it can be as low as $17 to $20 per man hour. Some factors that influence the rate per hour are, the number of hours requested/required, special requests that may result in additional supplies needed for the assigned job. Hourly rates do NOT apply to houses on a regular cleaning schedule. These rates apply to larger jobs, periodic cleanings or one-time cleanings.

What days & hours do you work?

We work Monday - Friday and typically start around 8:30 a.m. and try to be done by 4:00 p.m. and we do not typically work weekends. There are occasions where we may be able to work a weekend for a special occasion, however, we do not take regular on-going clients on a weekend or evening schedule.

How many people do you have that assist you?

The number varies, however, we employ approximately 10 cleaning technicians on a regular basis.

How many people will be in my home cleaning?

In most cases we work in teams of two technicians. As you may know, after a few hours of hard continuous work, energy levels tend to drop. By having 2 workers per house, this allows their performance to be at their best.

Will I have the same people each time my home is cleaned?

This is your decision. We would like to point out, however, that it can be to your advantage to have a variety of people, due to the differences in cleaning styles. But, if you request the same cleaners, we will certainly do our best to accommodate your request.

Is it OK to tip the cleaning technicians each cleaning, or periodically?

Much appreciated in any manner. If included with payment check, we need to know how you would like it applied, or you are welcome to leave cash tips for the technicians. The technicians who cleaned your home that day would allocate the tip accordingly.

How do I know that your cleaning technicians are honest and can be trusted?

Most of the people who assist with the cleaning have been employed in this business from 6 months to more than 3 years. We have NEVER had a problem with honesty. We are happy to provide references at your request.

Do I need to be home while the cleaners are working?

No, this is not necessary. However, I have found that it does work much better if the house is vacant. Of course, it is your decision to be there or not.

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes...Martindale Cleaning is fully bonded and insured.

Can you give me an idea of how much it would cost to clean my home?

The estimate varies as it may start as low as $0.019 per square foot or as high as $0.050 per square foot. For example, using a base price of $0.026 per square foot as assuming a home is 2,450 square feet, the cost of a weekly cleaning would be $63.70, and bi-weekly would be $75.00. Please note, this is just an example. Most homes fall within the $55.00 to $85.00 rage. The biggest factors in determining the estimate/bid amounts are: 1) Frequency of cleaning and 2) type of flooring.

What kinds of special requests do you get?

Change bed linens, clean inside of the oven, spot steam and clean carpets, detail cleaning, wipe out the inside of a refrigerator, house and/or pet sitting, office/business cleaning. (Additional fees may apply.)

How long have you been cleaning homes and businesses?

Martindale Cleaning has been in this business for over 11 years!

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